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Let’s Blog about Spectrum Blogging

Hello Bar Mates and members of the Dominus Cult :

This -the 1st blog post on the SpectrumDominus website – is gonna be about me posting Blogs. 1st of all I plan on blogging like I talk, with commas where they dont belong and contractions without the apostophy (I also dont plan on worrying much about my spelling as you see.)

Also I plan on using this as a way to let you all know what’s going on in my life. The good the bad – The rumors and the truths. I hope to include news about the stream in hear before it’s offical news (but no promises)

Because I plan on tell you about my days and what’s wrong with them I plan on using as a way to send people here to see how I’m doing rather than “complaining” on stream.

Anything I say in here is for public knowledge and is perfectly legal to bring into stream chat, however be advised that I may respond with “I’d rather not disscuss that now, but I’ll answer that in tomorrow’s blog”

Last but not least,  if you have a question about something discussed in the blog and/or want to hear more about something specific feel free to ask those question in the comments of the blog – I will be reading the previous days comments before writing the current days blog.

So sit back and relax and pour yourself a drink because – #theblogisopen




over 6 years ago
over 6 years ago