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Got Some Food – Watch So Shows – New Hilton Employee?

TGIF everyone

As only the second day of blogging (and the first with any info not pertaining to the blog itself) I’m still in a feeling out phase on how I’d like to do the actual blogging. So I’d like you to keep in mind this is a fluent moving (and all the other synonyms for things are gonna change at times) situation.

Yesterday’s Stream

I played Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – bringing me back to my high school/college days and days where I play video games with my brother – I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game again but it doesn’t have long stream capabilities. It may or may not return. Then Streamed about 5 games of H1Z1 Battle Royal with my finishing ranging to about 140 to somewhere in the 30s. My record low of 23 still remains. Then I finished the stream with a little RUST and it proved to me what I already knew. RUST (and the server) needs to return to the stream!


I didnt sleep well at all last night laid down with a head ache at about 12:30 … but was awake until about 4am. And the sleep I did receive wasn’t that great – I’m feeling a little droggy now and the headache is returning… think I’l take some aleve – BRB – Well that took longer than I’d have liked it to … 1st I forgot the Aleve at home the I dropped my fucking root beer all over my chair and the carpet. Voila says I get irritated a lot quicker when I didn’t sleep well – right now I’m thinking she may be right


Went to the store today – got some root beer and a bunch of can food, This should help with the finances until the money starts rolling in.


I watch quite a few shows between last post and this on. I have watched the most recent episodes of The Flash, Arrow, Marvel’s Agent Carter, WWE Main Event, NXT, WWE Smackdown and went and watched the winter finale of Once Upon a Time with Voila and SpecsSis (making us all caught up on that show). Shows I’m current on include these shows as well as – Walking Dead, Family Guy, Forever, Glee and Modern Family. Shows on Break I’m current on are Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D and South Park. And Shows that I’m currently getting caught up on are Castle (6 Episodes behind) and The Blacklist (4 Episodes behind) – after that Defiance is next. Not sure why I did all that but those are some of the details that go through my mind when I think TV so there they are for you all to see.


I have a daily routine (that is 2 days old so who knows how long it’ll last) that includes going down a check list of things to do – as Anthony and as Spectrum. Anthony is easy, (giggity) check and post personal facebook, check instagram, check email. Done – Spectrum’s list is much much longer and takes (so far) about 3 hours to complete. I doing this to be more active with you socially and more effective for the viewers. The reason I bring this up (because this has really gone on a tangent now) is while doing my daily routine I came across this video shared on facebook by my brother iVinnie magic that I’d love to share with you guys – it made my day. 3


I’d like to thank iVinnieMagic for his cash Donation yesterday and tr0ysef for his donation of the game Medieval Engineers. I will be starting today’s stream with a short look at the new addition to the library.


<3 you all – See you live




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