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Day Off – D&D and Fastlane hopes and dreams

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend

As with every Sunday I am streaming earlier than my typical stream time and thus my blog is being posted earlier tha normal as well. however with the fact that I took yesterday off I’m sure there is plenty to talk about… um … um .. let see

Friday’s stream

… was very enjoyable. We started out by testing Medievil Engineers thanks to the generousity of tr0ysef. The game took a while to get started as it crashed 7 times before getting it going. I suspect it has something to do with the running the game while I stream aspect as I had a couple viewers tell me they were playing it for hours with no crashes at all. Then we decide to destory the world on Plague Inc. – The Darimmitis plague killed everyone on the planet and help me defeat a scenario I had yet do complete. Finally we went on to continue Assassin’s Creed II – The more I play the game the more I’m enjoying it. I have no clue how far I am into the game “percentage” wise but I’m torn between my desire to get it done so I can play more awesome games and my desire to really get into the lore of the game and discover everything. These are truley the games I enjoy playing the most.


I didn’t get much done in the way of “show watching” only able to watch 2 episodes of The Blacklist putting me 3 episodes for being current. And I doubt I will get much more to watch tonight as I will be join Voila and the crew to watch WWE Fastlane tonight.

WWE Fastlane

Speaking of WWE Fastlane I figured this would be a good place to give you some final thoughts on the event. Feel free to post your thoughts, predictions and/or questions in the comment section of the post.

  • I like the Usos to hold onto the Tag-Team Championship – Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are good but I think they want it on the Usos so they can eventually set up Usos and Ascention. If the Usos drop it expect them to get it back in a month or two.
  • Stardust will undoubtably beat his brother. The storyline is useless if Goldust wins. They have all the reason in the world to push the young healthy Cody Rhodes and nothing left to really get from Dustin. They should extend this battle so they are still at odds when Wrestlemania comes around so it may not be a clean victory.
  • Alot of people like Ambrose to get the IC title here, I can right decent stories either way. Ambrose wins and you push the belt up like I’ve been saying. Ambrose is someone they WOULD give the World Title to IF there was still a World title. And with no WWE Championship match this IS the title match of the PPV but I see it going the other way. Barrett has lost to Sin Cara and most recently R-Truth, a couple of scrubs that only win when they want to make the opponent look weak. Traditionally I feel that when someone loses matched RIGHT before the PPV it’s because they want you to believe they are beat able and thus it’s most of a twist when they do win. I guess it all depends on how much they want BNB holding the title when Wrestlemania comes around.
  • Nikki will hold onto the belt tonight. Sure practially EVERYONE wants paige to win but the BELLAs are the Female Top Dogs (right now) and Nikki having the belt is what’s best for business for the time being. Paige will be the diva for years and years to come but for now the BELLAs are the Bell of the Ball (or th WWE)
  • The 6 man tag match should go to the authority guys. Sure the team of Ryback, Rowen and Ziggler are bigger than Show and Kane. But with Cena, Reigns, Ambrose, Bryan (and Sheamus and Orton probably returning face) there is not much room for them and a push is useless. where as Rollins MUST be kept at the top of the heap at least until they balance out the roster.
  • Cena will win by DQ – Nuff Said
  • This, like the IC title, is one I dont agree with most people. Some say Bryan wins other say there is some controversy and it’s triple threat at Wrsetlemania. I fully believe that this is a way to throw even MORE support behind Roman Reigns. Is this a clean win, IDK, but I feel Roman will take the victory and Reigns vs Lesnar will headline Wrestlemania this year.


I want to thank Chrizzzzzzz @ – for including me in his D&D game later today you should all check it out on either my stream and/or his. Also I’d like to thank Voila for her donation of Friday one step closer to plying the bills :) – and last but not least thanks to Matt Grifo and Ecthoplasm that both posted this “amazing” video for me to watch today –

<3 you all




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