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Hilton Job Interview Done – Fastlane over

DAMNIT – I just bit the side of my cheek REALLY hard


I spent the whole stream yesterday on H1Z1first playing 2 Battle Royals and then spending the time creating a new base on the cohhiltion server. Alot of the conversation for the day was about WWE Fastlane.


Well the majority of my entertainment was watching WWE Fastlane which I’ll get to in a minute. However I did hop in bed an watch a couple episodes of The Blacklist getting me all caught up. I think I’m gonna try to get caught up on TNA before moving on to another program.

WWE Fastlane

I was wrong about the USOs and Stardust although I did say that the USOs could lose it with the build up of the tag-team division. I was also “wrong” about CENA vs RUSEV although you can see how the result is essentially the same as what I said. RUSEV still has the title CENA still seems cheated out of it. The rest I was right on about including but not limited to the calling of Randy’s return 3 months ago. I actually thought it was a GREAT event sure the golddust/stardust match and the Cena/Resev match got a little slow at times but the rest – especially the Reigns/Bryan and Ambrose/BNB matches were great. And Cesaro and Kidd showed why they deserve to be on TV each week. Wrestlemania is shaping up the way I planned …lol – In November I claimed – HHH vs Sting, Undertaker vs Wyatt, Randy vs Rollins and Cena vs Rusev. I also claimed Reigns vs Lesnar was a possibility just not for the Title. So we’ll see what ese shakes outta the tree going forward.


I did my final interview today with the Hilton at home reservations, I feel really good about it and think this is definetly be a step in the right direction. I have had 2 days in a row now without a massive headache (knock on wood) 2 jobs (potentially) and a viewership that is AMAZEBALLZ … what else do I need – (answer : a working car … I’ll get that next)


<3 you all




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Cars don't tend to have a jobs, they lack of hands.