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Short Tuesday Blog

Yesterday’s stream

Was all about wrestling – I really hope we can build the wrestling aspect of the community, I wouldnt be opposed to making all day monday about wrestling and even starting some sort of federation or something. Viewers have asked and I’m not sure how I would run it but it is something I’ll have to debate going forward.


I’m so looking at the future with potential. Assuming the Hilton job goes through, I’ll have 2 jobs with me working on a 3rd from Substitute Teaching. This SHOULD make handling the bills easier as well as allow me to get back to some of the things plan for and from the stream. Giveaways, Charity Donations and moving forward with the bar plans. Until then though I’m gonna have to deal with days like today where I go to get money out of the bank to pay 2 bills and realize I dont even have enough to pay 1.

Star Wars Month?

I’ll be discussing this in chat but am wondering if this come MAY (the force be with you) the viewers would be interested or more turned off by a complete moth of only Star Wars video gaming (except for Monday Nights). I have 10 different games from the universe and know of tons more that could be aquired fairly inexpensively. I think I could fill a whole month no problem but I’m not sure how much interest there would be in watching some of that old stuff.

Video of the Day

Check out Spectrum’s video of the day – Spectrum would like to point out that this video in no way may him tear up. Anyone saying otherwise doesnt know what they are talking about.

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