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Welcome to The DomiNATION

Welcome all my Bar Mates

Puff N Stuff

I worked yesterday at my 2nd job (even though I havent started my first job yet) Puff N Stuff. For those of you that dont know it is a catering company that I bartend for (however the first 2 shiftsI work I did so as a server). Yesterdays shift was long and hugh apparently they do a lot of large meeting but this one was 500 people. It was a military appreciation ceremony where we had the Mayor and Govenor attending.  We got out an hour later than we were suppose to but it wasnt all that bad. I made a great impression  to the 4 supervisors on the event and it was less work than most the jobs I am use to doing. So when I take this into consideration and assume most of them will be even less work then I dont mind the job at all, just the fact that I lose time streaming when I do it.


For nearly a year now we have reffered to ourselfs by many names but the most common was the “Dominus Cult”. the name came about from a joking conversation in the early days of the stream and most of the people that were appart of that conversation rarely (if ever) attend that stream anymore. I’m always had a slight nervous twitch (pardon the pun) to using the “CULT” lable based on the negative connotation to the word but knew it was all in fun. Going forward (although I do expect to revert back by accident based on habit) I plan on refering to the grouping as The DomiNation. It is less on the original side but most people use it in terms of – We are the Spec Nation – the original lies in the use of Dominus and Nation as one Dominating (just all over the puns today) word. New Shirts will eventually be added to the website as we push DomiNATION forward.

Video of the Day

Check out Spectrum’s video of the day – Spectrum would like to thank everyones favorite Kitty – – for the video

<3 you all




over 8 years ago
That's not nice Sephi... but she's welcome at the bar always ... ;p
over 8 years ago
Social Drinker
I think CrochetChick might want a seat at the bar, and she's a Hooker. Does that count?
over 8 years ago
Feeling Good
Hello, I'm looking for a bar which sells hookers and blackjack... hookers specifically.