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24 Hour 2 Year Streamiversary

SpectrumDominus will be celebrating 2 years of streaming on

In celebration he will be streaming for 24 hours straight from 3am EST on Sat March 5th to 3am EST on Sun March 6th.

During that time he plans to play as many MAFIA games as possible and invites his fellow MAFIA players to hang with him in zoom while waiting for games to begin.

While waiting he will be trying out any number of 1st look games as SAT MARCH 6th will be the conclusion of week 2 of 1st look weeks. Some of those games are listed below. Please come out and celebrate with Spectrum as we drink, play and just all around have fun.

1st Look – SUPERHOT
1st Look – Layers of Fear
1st Look – Blood Alloy: Reborn
1st Look – Heaven’s Hope
1st Look – Super Galaxy Squadron EX
1st Look – Tap Heroes
1st Look – Insurgency
1st Look – The Bug Butcher
1st Look – Red Game Without A Great Name
1st Look – Impossible Creatures
1st Look – Life is Feudal: Your Own
1st Look – Hard West
1st Look – Brigador
1st Look – Subaeria
1st Look – Pulse
1st Look – Euclidean
1st Look – Cross of the Dutchman
1st Look – Tango Fiesta


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